About Indoscan

Indoscan (Pvt) Limited is primarily, an ethical Pharmaceuticals, Surgical Devices and Cosmoceuticals Importer and Distributor in Sri Lanka. It was established as a small family organization in the year 1990 and has now grown up to be a front line organization recognized for its outstanding performance in introducing for the first time, some internationally reputed manufacturers to Sri Lankan market, creating landmarks in the highly competitive market of Sri Lanka, to the mutual satisfaction of our Principals.

Success of Indoscan has been due to unparalleled experience and vision of the Leadership of the Organization and his recognition as an icon in the field of Pharmaceutical Industry of Sri Lanka, supported by a Team of highly committed and professional Marketing Department backed by an equally efficient Operational and Logistic Departments’.

Our main goal is, making available to the Healthcare sectors, of finished products from reputed Manufacturers, most of whom have proven the efficacy of their products by bio equivalent studies. This has resulted in a well earned reputation and the recognition of Indoscan (Pvt) Limited, as a highly responsible Importer and Distributor by the Medical Administrators and Fraternity of Sri Lanka. One of the convincing indicators of such acceptance is the continuous patronage of products marketed by us showing an encouraging growth of the market share.

Our distribution network is highly penetrative and covers the entire Island servicing a wide range of clientele consisting of over 3000 Medical Professionals, 300 hospitals (both Government and Private sector) and 1600 Pharmacy Outlets.

Indoscan employees a custom made ERP system to bring about a unique coordination between product promotion and product distribution throughout the country and linking such field operations with the head office, where compilation of data is carried out to access the market needs to ensure servicing the prescribing needs the Doctors and supporting Indoscan marketing department with the necessary data in its planning and implementation of sales strategies.

It is the vision of Indoscan (Pvt) Limited is to continue its tradition of being in the front line as a trusted and a dedicated contributor to the greater success of Healthcare of the Nation.

Board of Directors

Mr. Ananda Samarasinghe Chairman / CEO